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GelenklagerIn spherical plain bearings, spherical outer rings are used to increase surface contact with the housing as well as load bearing capacity, while simultaneously preventing errors in alignment. Some absorb both radial and axial forces, so they are often used where these forces exist together.

Spherical plain bearings are ideally suited for use with tilting and swivelling movements that require high load ratings. In addition, they allow for higher production tolerances and compensate well for tilted shaft positioning. Some bearing forms are considered maintenance-free and fulfil their purpose just as well in rough application conditions.

The maintenance-free spherical plain bearings include dry slide bearings for space adjustments, which are used in steering systems, for example. Despite their low weight, they can withstand heavy stresses. If the purpose of the application requires it, a sliding layer made of PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene or Teflon) or a coating for corrosion protection can be added. Typical sliding surface combinations include:


  • Hard chrome/PTFE composite material
  • Hard chrome/PTFE fabric
  • Stainless steel/composite
  • Stainless steel/PTFE fabric

Additional lubrication is not permitted with these bearings.

In terms of spherical plain bearings that require maintenance, a tremendous variety of bearing forms is available all over the world in the following sliding surface combinations:

  • Steel/steel
  • Steel/bronze
  • Stainless steel/bronze

Both spherical plain bearings that are maintenance-free and those that require maintenance are available as radial, axial and angular-contact bearings. Radial spherical plain bearings absorb radial forces and transfer forces and motions with low torque. In this way, they protect the construction components from bending tension. These bearings are particularly suitable for use with alternating loads with impact or sudden stresses and enable low axial load in both directions.

Axial spherical plain bearings absorb axial forces. The supporting forces are transferred with low torque into the connected construction. These bearings are used as support or base bearings.

Angular-contact spherical plain bearings absorb not only radial forces, but also greater axial forces. They work well with alternating, dynamic loads. Motion and forces are transferred with low torque, which protects the construction elements from bending tension.

Spherical plain bearings are used in these applications, among others:

  • Construction equipment
  • Cranes
  • Forklifts
  • Power plant equipment
  • General mechanical engineering

In the area of spherical plain bearings, our portfolio includes radial, axial and angular-contact spherical plain bearings, swivel heads, hydraulic swivel heads and large spherical plain bearings.