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GehäuselagerHoused bearings units refer to pre-finished units that hold a rolling bearing and can also be directly screwed onto the basic construction. They are particularly advantageous in situations in which the rolling bearing will be directly positioned on the shaft using an adapter sleeve. This bearing can become a fixed support if so-called fixed rings are used to secure the rolling bearing in the axial direction in the housing. Without fixed rings, however, it is a floating bearing.

For the most part, the housings consist of

  • Strip steel
  • Grey cast iron or
  • Plastic

However, they can be mode of other cast materials. The housings are closed or open based on the design version. Depending on their shape, the bearing units can resist powerful, rough environmental effects. In high quality applications grey cast iron housings are used that can hold spherical roller bearings or self-aligning ball bearings. Adapter sleeves are used to secure the bearings on the smooth shaft.

Insert ball bearings are deep groove ball bearings sealed on both sides and filled with lubricating grease. Their spherical, outer ring rolling surface and the corresponding hollow, spherical mounting bore allow for the correction of shaft alignment errors that could result from production or assembly. If housed bearing units do not need to be lubricated again during operation, an error compensation of up to five degrees is possible. If re-lubrication is planned during ongoing operation, compensation for alignment errors of up to two degrees is possible. Compensation of shaft deflections of a few angle minutes resulting from operational conditions is also possible.

Permitted speeds for housed bearing units depend in particular on how they are attached to the shaft and the type of seal used. In general, higher speeds are possible when concentric attachment methods (adapter sleeves or fittings) are used. With adapter sleeves that are secured with an eccentric ring or threaded pin, the shaft tolerance selected also affect the speed. The lower the tolerance class, the higher the permitted speed.

Housed bearing units are very easy to assemble. They are pre-finished components that are ready for use and as such are particularly suitable for creating cost-effective bearings. Due to their versatility, they offer designers great freedom in the construction of bearings. They are used in the following areas:

  • Conveyor technology
  • Packaging machine engineering
  • Agricultural technology
  • Wood processing
  • Textile machine engineering