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HochgenauigkeitslagerThe requirements for machine tools and other precision machinery are very high. They must be able to cope with high speeds, guarantee high running accuracy, be very rigid and, in addition, generate only a low amount of heat and the lowest possible level of vibration and noise.

Rolling bearings, which are good for use in general industrial applications, only meet some of these high requirements. For this reason, in the areas listed above, the high precision bearings used offer various advantages depending on bearing series and the application. In any case, these bearings are appropriate for use with high speeds and large loads and, in addition, are known for their long bearing service life, low energy consumption and long maintenance intervals.

In high-speed, precision applications, all of the bearing components – bearing rings, cages and rolling elements – are subject to very high inertial forces. If the high axial stress and contamination, such as dirt, chips and cooling lubricants are calculated into the equation, it is quickly clear that high precision bearings are much more than the sum of their parts.

These bearings, designed as either ball bearings or cylindrical bearings, are of very high production quality and are constructed for reaching very high speeds. The rolling elements consist of ceramic or steel. When these bearings are arranged in pairs, they are individually adapted for their respective characteristics.

High precision bearings were developed for use in demanding applications, which have special requirements with regard to rigidity and running accuracy at high speeds. They deliver the maximum precision that can only be achieved with the respective production expertise, the most advanced machines and strict quality controls over the entire production process.

High quality materials such as highly pure steel are used to manufacture high precision bearings. A specific heat treatment guarantees wear resistance and a long service life with regard to material fatigue. Often the bearing can be used in permanent operation conditions.

The typical application areas for high precision bearings include the following, among others:

  • Spindles for wood processing and metal cutting
  • Rolling mills with high rotational speeds
  • Precision ball screw drives
  • Printing machines
  • Centre points
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Sport vehicles
  • Turbochargers used at high speeds
  • Ship stabilisers
  • Machine components for semi-conductor production

Our products in the high precision bearing sector include spindle bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, angular-contact ball bearings, angular contact thrust ball bearings and hybrid bearings.