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GewindetriebeThreaded drives transform rotary motion into evenly distributed motion and vice versa. For this reason, they are used for the longitudinal movement of machine parts. We provide ball screw drives, roller threaded drives and trapezoidal threaded drives in various designs as well as the corresponding accessories.

We create threaded drives for various applications:


  • In portal robots
  • In machine tools
  • In other machines

All threaded drives are available in various designs and forms and are usually made of steel. Selecting from the options is determined by not only the technical framework, but also the financial context. We are happy to advise you in this area.

We offer ball screw drives starting at a size of 4.0 mm. Smaller ball screw drives are not possible. The pitch is selected based on customer requirements and is equal to at least one millimetre. Depending on the customer’s needs and technical requirements, various construction designs are possible. The ball screw spindle is available in various versions and is either ground or rolled based on the customer’s requirements. Either a cylindrical nut or a flange nut can be selected as the ball screw nut.

Roller threaded drives are a special form of the ball screw drive. We manufacture these starting at a size of 5.0 mm. In this case, as with the ball screw drives, the minimum pitch is one millimetre. These components are available with either a cylindrical nut or a flange nut. Other individual modifications in design or type can be made.

We offer trapezoidal threaded drives in various shapes and designs starting at a size of 10.0 mm. At 2 mm, the minimum pitch in this case is greater than that for the roller threaded drives or ball screw drives. As a trapezoidal threaded nut we use either a round steel or red bronze nut, a flange nut or a hexagon steel nut.

In addition to various threaded drives, we also offer the corresponding accessories. These include bearing units; here we offer bearing block or flanged bearing units. Furthermore, we offer various lubrication and wiping units.

Threaded drives are subject to a wide variety of requirements. Within the parameters described above, we offer the option to discover special solutions for special conditions. To ensure consistent, high quality, we only use parts from well-known, high quality manufacturersto produce threaded drives.