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WellenfuehrungenShaft guides consist of linear ball bearings or linear sliding bearings that run on precision steel shafts. The linear bearings are either pressed right into the respective connection or installed in a pre-built housing, which is screwed into the connection. The significant application areas include

  • Agriculture
  • Vehicle engineering
  • Medical technology
  • Facade construction
  • Packaging industry

In contrast to a profile rail guide, a shaft guide does not have a specially shaped raceway. Instead, the balls roll along the smooth surface of the shaft. For this reason, the contact surface between the raceway and the ball is much smaller than that for profile guide rails. Accordingly, the surface pressure is greater.

Steel shafts can either be attached to a shaft support along the entire length or anchored to the ends of the shaft support blocks. This makes it easy to deal with an uneven surface. For higher loads, attachment to a bearing rail is common because this prevents the deflection of the steel shaft.

When using linear ball bearings in short stroke applications, if not all of the circulating rolling elements reach the bearing zone, material fatigue can occur prematurely, which can result in a failure. In addition, if the rolling elements do not circulate completely, there is a risk of insufficient lubrication. However, a sufficient supply of lubrication can be ensured with a lubrication device.

The circulation of the balls in the linear ball bearing guarantees smooth movement. Linear sliding bearings, which employ a contact surface rather than balls, have a high static load capacity, are not sensitive to dirt and contaminants, are quiet and have good emergency operating characteristics.

Our guide shafts are complete shafts with diameters starting at 3 mm or hollow shafts with diameters starting at 12 mm. One-piece guide shafts are available in lengths up to 6,000 mm. Both types of shafts are made of the following materials:

  • High-alloy steels
  • Heat-treatable steels
  • Chromium-plated, heat-treatable steels

Our linear ball bearing units made of aluminium and red bronze are available starting at a size of 6 mm; linear sliding bearing units made of red bronze from 12 mm.

Shaft support blocks made of aluminium are available in various designs starting at a size of 6 mm.

In addition, we offer matching accessories such as lubrication and wiping units.