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ProfilschienenführungIn profile rail guides, the rolling elements move along hardened raceways between the guide rail and the carriage. They are guided in a circuit in the carriage, redirected and returned to the raceway. This circuit enables continuous guidance with an unlimited stroke. The preferred application areas include:

  • Packaging machines
  • Machine tools
  • Medical technology
  • Automotive engineering
  • Logistics

In comparison, the friction coefficient in this case is just one-fiftieth of that of conventional sliding guides. While varying lubrication layer thicknesses can result in errors in accuracy with a sliding guide, and a lack of lubrication can result in significant wear, for the most part, the guiding accuracy for profile rail guides remains constant over the entire service life of the guide. Thanks to the high degree of efficiency and play of this rolling element, it can be used in many applications.

Balls or rollers act as rolling elements. Profile rail guides with ball screws are suitable for use in applications characterized by great acceleration and high speeds. Profile rail guide with rollers are used in cases where the longitudinal guides are subject to heavy loads, so both a particular rigidity and high accuracy are required.

This rolling bearing usually has two, four or six rows of rolling elements. The greater the number of rolling element rows, the greater the rigidity and the load bearing capacity of the profile rail guide because more rolling elements are carrying the load. However, at the same time, friction increases.

Depending on whether or not the force-pitch line runs through the contact points determines if the raceway has an O- or an X-arrangement. Due to the low clearance of its raceways, profile rail guides with an X-arrangement have a shorter arm of force. This makes it easier to deal with tilted positioning in multiple axis systems (self-alignment). In contrast, guides in a O-arrangement are significantly more rigid and have a higher moment load bearing capacity, which are advantageous in situations with lifting forces.

Our guide rails are available starting at a size of 2 mm. One-piece guide rails are available in lengths of up to 6,000 mm. For the guide carriage you can select ball or roller guidance. Both the rails and the carriage are made of

  • Steel
  • Coated steel or
  • Low-corrosion steel

Accessories for profile rail guides include bellows, braking and clamping elements, various lubrication and wiping elements and, moreover, add-on parts for the carriages.