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FlachkäfigführungenFlat cage guides are used to store flat machine components that move back and forth. The low friction of these rolling bearings enables exact positioning and the finest possible adjustment motions. For this reason, they offer the perfect solution when high requirements with regard to precision, load bearing capacity and rigidity must be taken into consideration.

The basic components of flat cage guides include guide rails made of various materials in various shapes as well as flat cages with a great number of rolling elements such as needle rollers, cylinder rollers or balls. The cages themselves consist of the following:

  • Light metal
  • Strip steel or
  • Plastic

Needle rollers provide the highest load bearing capacity and rigidity with a low construction height, while cylinder rollers offer somewhat less rigidity, but have fewer related requirements for connection design. Of all of the rolling elements used in rolling bearings, balls have the lowest friction.

Each side of the flat cage guide basically consists of two rails and a single or double row flat cage. The roller moves at just half the speed of the driving rails. Correspondingly, within one time interval the cage is located half a stroke behind. Due to the relative motion of the cage with respect to the raceways, the application area of this rolling bearing is limited to a short stroke.

For cage guides, the rolling elements are located between the raceways during the entire movement sequence. This is the difference between flat cage guides and linear guides with rolling element circulation. This type of guide guarantees a high degree of running accuracy for workpieces as well as the extraordinary running smoothness of the rolling bearings designed in this manner.

Because flat cage guides, in contrast to other linear systems, do not require much space, they are primarily used in construction designs for small spaces. The most significant application areas include the following:

  • General engineering
  • Precision machine tools such as flat grinding machines
  • Traffic engineering

In the latter case, high load bearing capacity and long service life with low maintenance requirements are the primary requirements.

Our products include guide rails in M and V shapes in various designs. Our flat cage guides are available with rolling elements starting at a size of 2 mm. One-piece guides are available in lengths of up to 3,000 mm. In addition to needle roller flat cage and ball flat cages, we also provide accessories such as end pieces and wiping units.