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angetriebene Linearachsen Driven linear axes are important components in linear technology and are used in many areas in machine and equipment construction. There are several possible combinations consisting of a linear guide and a drive as well as various construction designs suitable for a variety of applications. We generate solutions for many applications, such as:

  • Positioning workpieces
  • Transportation tasks, simple or complex
  • Adjusting functions

Our engineers will be happy to help you develop your linear systems. In connection with driven linear axes, we offer the following products:

Linear modules:

  • With ball screw or toothed belt drive
  • Accessories (electrical drives, coupling housing/couplings, bellows, electrical controls)

Linear tables:

  • Without drive, with trapezoidal threaded drive or with ball screw drive
  • Accessories (coupling housing/couplings, bellows)

A linear module includes a drive unit, a control, a drive system and a bearing profile. The guide system can consist of a roller guide, for example. The drive options we offer include ball screw drives and toothed belt drives. A ball screw runs evenly and smoothly and meets high requirements for precision. A toothed belt drive is appropriate for tasks in which speed is important. The range of accessories for the linear modules includes individual drives, controls and coupling as well as coupling housings. In addition, we also provide various bellows for protecting the machine parts and guide tracks used in linear technology.

Linear tables are often used in the transportation of heavy objects, frequently in several axis directions as well. The linear guide is created with ball circulation units or linear ball bearings, for example. There are many types of linear tables without drives, which are appropriate for use in some application areas. The drive types for linear tables that we offer include the trapezoidal threaded drive or ball screw drive. The trapezoidal threaded drive is suitable for use in simpler tasks. The ball screw drive not only works with a high degree of efficiency, but it also enables high precision and very exact positioning. Coupling and coupling housings as well as bellows for protecting components from dirt and external effects are the accessories that supplement our range of linear tables.

Primarily the following materials are used in linear technology:

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Special steel
  • Aluminium

We highly value cooperation with our customers and expertise in consultation. In the area of linear technology, the selection and adaptation of suitable products is very important. The purpose of the application determines which linear guide is the right one.