Kugellager und Mehr - Laeppche Unternehmensgruppe


As experts in linear technology, we provide the corresponding accessories for a wide variety of linear guide designs, such as pulley (roller) guides and profile rail guides as well as for driven linear axes. These are machine elements that you either install to adapt the operating conditions of the linear systems for special requirements or that are used as spare parts. In general, the accessories for the linear systems we offer have the following functions:

  • Drive
  • Control
  • Protection
  • Cleaning
  • Lubrication
  • Positioning
  • Storage

In many cases, the raceway or other machine part must be covered, either to prevent dirt contamination or damage or for safety reasons. We offer various bellows for this purpose. Bellows basically consist of a highly resistant textile material, such as strong polyester fabric. The respective end plates are used for installation.

Wiping units for linear guides and ball screws prevent both contamination (dirt, chips) from entering the system and lubrication from leaking out. Using wiping units increases the maintenance-free lifetime of the machine elements. Depending on the type of contamination, wipers made of steel or rubber can be used. Steel is better for coarse dirt and metal chips. For ball screw drives, we also offer lubrication units for even, economical lubrication. This also reduces maintenance. Sufficient, regular lubrication also increases the service life of the machine parts.

For profile rail guides, we offer braking and clamping elements. These slow the movement of the carriage or stop it in a specific position. Operation is either manual, pneumatic, hydraulic or electric. The elements differ in shape, load capacity and reaction time.

We also provide bearing units for ball screws: either bearing block or flanged bearing units. These are complete units, including the required seals. The bearing units are easy and inexpensive to install. There are various versions for various loads and application areas. In addition, we also offer couplings and coupling housings as well as drives and controls as accessories for linear modules.