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Profile rail guides

These are rolling bearing guides in which the balls or rollers act as rolling elements. Our product range includes these ball or roller circulation guides from various sizes from 2 mm to 150 mm.

Ball rail guides, ball rail guides in miniature, roller rail guides, pulley (roller) guides


Shafts guides / guides

These consist of a shaft and a ball or sliding bearing unit. These units can be installed in housings. Our inventory includes guide shafts in various sizes and made of various materials as well as various linear ball bearing units.

Linear sliding bearings, Linear ball bearing units, linear sliding bearing units, shafts, bearing rails, shaft support blocks


Pulley (roller) guides

These consist of a bearing rail and a corresponding carriage. This carriage is guided by rollers on the bearing rails. We have bearing rails in various designs as well as carriages and profiled rollers in stock.

Guide carriages, guide rails, cassettes with setting screws, accessories


Ball screws

These are used in the longitudinal movement of machine elements. Rotary motion is transformed into evenly distributed motion. We have ball screws and the corresponding threaded nuts in various versions in stock.

Ball screws, drive units, electromechanical cylinders, planetary gear drives


Driven linear axes

These are compact modules that are driven with a toothed belt drive or a ball screw drive. The carriage is moved with a ball circulation system or a pulley guide. These compact linear axes are designed based on specific customer needs.

Electrical spindle axes, toothed belt axes, lifting cylinders, lifting cylinders with guide units, short stroke units


Flat cage guides

In this technological area, linear guides without rolling element return are called cage guides. Cage guides are equipped with various rolling elements. We have flat cage guides in stock.

Guide rails with angled flat cages, guide rails with adjusting chocks and angled flat cages



We have a great deal of accessories for various linear guides in stock.


Processing and production

Depending on customer needs, we can adapt various linear technology for individual, specific conditions.

Shaft guides, pulley (roller) guides, profile rail guides, ball screws